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No Smoking – No Problems

Smoking, being one of the greatestkillers of the human kind, needs no special introduction. We are allaware that smoking takes many lives daily, causing numerouscarcinogenic diseases and countless other problems, both for men andwomen, smokers and those who spend a lot of time near smokers,passively inhaling tobacco smoke. Perhaps tobacco is not the maincause of all these problems, once we take into consideration theother 4000 different chemicals present in cigarettes. Namely, if weuse some of these, we can easily develop rat poison or other deadlymixtures. Rather, we expose our lungs, blood, respiratory andcardiovascular system to these chemicals, smoking our life away.Naturally, this is no way to live, and everyone should quit as soonas possible. Once people decide to quit smoking, however, they getdiscouraged by all the withdrawal symptoms they have to endure, andturn back to cigarettes, not being able to bear them. Well, enduringthe process of smoking cessation can prove to be more than beneficialfor your health. Sure, there are headaches, urges and other problems,but, if you could force yourself to breathe smoke somewhere in thepast, you can stop it and enjoy all the healthy benefits now.

What Happens Once We Stop Smoking?

First of all, you blood circulationstarts to work normally. Your blood pressure decreases and falls downto normal levels, and the oxygen levels in your blood normalize aswell within 8 hours of your initial abstinence. If you manage not tosmoke for a day, your organism has removed nicotine and carbonmonoxide from your organism completely. Subsequently, during thefirst two days, your taste and smell senses become more vivid andvibrant, and you are able to sense better. Also, you are far lessprone to heart attacks by now. Once you manage to live withoutcigarettes for three days, your breathing becomes easier and morerefreshing. During the course of two weeks of smoking abstinence,your skin will regenerate and look much healthier, along with yournails which will restore their healthy, unstained looks. If you arestrong enough to endure 5 months without cigarettes, you are bound toexperience no more breathing problems, or any discharge created inyour throat. Rather, you will have more strength, will and physicalcapabilities. Once a year passes, you have 50% less chances ofdeveloping any heart problems than once you were smoking, yourorganism recovers completely and you feel better than ever.

Finally, it takes about five years ofabstinence in order for your organism to become safe as all theother, nonsmoker organisms out there. So, keep it on the right track,there are countless benefits your life has to offer, you just need tolook at them without all the smoke distracting your view, sheddingdeath upon all the colors, painting them black.

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