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When it comes to dieting, it has to be said that there are diets which are very effective but which might not be so good for the health of the organism. This is the main problem with all diets more or less, since they have to put the organism into some strain in order to reach the health at the end. Especially fast, fad diets are problematic and they can be harmful.


Since the world we live in dictates that whatever we do we have to do it quickly, this started to affect all aspects of our lives. So, when it comes to excessive weight, most of people want to eliminate it as fast as possible, which is doable, but as already said, there might be some problems. Fad diets are based on a low intake of calories through carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Usually, these diets reduce the intake of carbs and fats to minimum, which will induce the fat burning process. South beach diet has a similar mechanism, but it also tries to use only healthy carbs and fats. Carbs have to include only healthy glucose, not refined sugar, while fats should also have bad fats set at minimum. This means that fruits and vegetables have to create the major percentage of the food taken. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which is essential for a proper and healthy eating.

The problem

Fad diets usually do not last for more than a couple of weeks. The reason is closely related to the possible harmful element. This harm is presented with certain toxic substances that are side products made in conversion of fat tissue into glucose through fat burning. These toxins might even affect brain and that should be avoided at any cost. South beach diet, as most of the fad diets, also has this problem, although it is a bit easier situation since only healthy carbs and fats are used.

Another problem with these diets also comes from their duration. A couple of weeks is not such a long period and people can endure strict dieting rules. But when dieting is over and they have to start eating healthy and normally, the problems begin. People start to return to old eating habits, and pounds return too. This is why a plan has to be made so that fast diet is followed by a healthy and slow diet, which will finish the job of reducing the extra weight.

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