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What is the point of fad diets? Losing many pounds in amatter of days and weeks, to put it shortly. But, is it healthy? Well, it is far fromit, but some will say that obesity too is not a healthy state, so why should it be aproblem if the method of losing weight is not natural and healthy? The answer to this wouldbe in a fact that the body is really sick when it is suffering from obesity andadding some more strain might simply be counterproductive. So, what are thepros and cons of fad dieting?


Weight reduction is based on spending more energy than it is takenby food. This is a simple formula, but there is a lot about it which might gowrong, depending on a diet. Most of fad and other fast diets are based onmaximum reduction of intake of calories. Usually, carbohydrates and fats arereduced to a bare minimum. This will start a fat burning process, but if a dietis extreme, and fad diet usually is, the organism feels endangered and triesto save the carbohydrates. Since the mentioned energy is still needed, the organismuses muscles thus reducing their mass. Also, fad diets might eliminateexcessive water from the organism, which will contribute to the overall weightloss. Obviously, weight loss in fad diets is not based on just fat tissue; thereare water and muscles, too. Furthermore, some of the fad diets include supplements for colon cleansing, which additionally reduces weight (eliminationof fecal material from intestines will definitely cut down weight).

So what is this diet good for? If there is no intensivephysical activity included (which is contradictory to the diet itself), thismight be a good start for those who want to go all the way when it comes to weightreduction. After 10 or 14 days of intensive dieting, which will significantlyreduce the weight and motivate a person to continue on, a healthy and balanceddiet is needed. Not a drastic, but moderate and easily applied one.


This would be one example of effective use of fad diets.But, if a person is not willing to go for an extreme diet, balanced diet can bestarted immediately. This is a slow but also effective and healthy method forweight reduction. If combined with some moderate physical activity, this could bea perfect combo for all those who have decided to defeat their obesity problem.

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