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It is obvious that dieting today creates a lot of the problemsfor those who have a problem with excessive fat. As with many other things inlife, most of the obstacles located in the path toward the final goal (weightloss) are located in one's mind. And we are talking about bad eating habits.Unfortunately, those habits are just one part of the entire story. When obesitycomes, more than rarely it is connected to stress; for example, people thinkthat eating will reduce their stress levels, but obesity is also a stressinducer that creates a never ending loop and it takes a lot of mental strengthto breach it.


A good thing is that even though diets today arerestrictive, there are many diets that offer tasty choice of foods, which mightbe essential in surviving a diet. But that is only one part of the problem,especially if we are talking about the fast diets. Those diets last for about10 to 14 days (usually) and are very strict and rigorous. They do createresults, many pounds can be lost, but the real problem comes after those 14days. People usually think that with a bit of modifying, old eating habits can beused again. Wrong! Lost pounds will return and those 14 days of torture will goto waste.

A plan

So, a plan is needed, the one that will help with reducing manypounds and that will also help in maintaining the reached weight. That isgenerally the best possible schedule, if it is followed properly. One of thebetter examples is a south beach diet plan. It is consisted of three steps.First step could resemble a fast diet, although it is far from being sorestrictive. Actually, all food types are allowed (healthy ones, of course), butin reduced amounts. There are three meals with numerous snacks and meals aregenerally rich in fibers.

Second step is all about applying a long term diet. Balancedmeals with healthy food, with occasional desert, this is actually the type ofdiet that is all about healthy eating, which should be applied for the longtime.

Step three is a final step and it starts when desired weightis reached. Once that happens, all that is needed is maintaining. It might be abit hard, but if previous two steps have been successfully taken, step three isa breeze.

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