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It is important to create a good and effective weight lossplan. This actually might be the most important thing for those people who have problems with obesity. Well, the other very important thing is to stickto the plan all the way.


People can survive the dieting for some time, but if that issomething that should last for more than couple of weeks, problems might occur.This is because dieting includes changing of the habits and that is somethingthat presents the biggest issue. Transforming from eating all we want and likeinto eating only what is allowed (without junk food, of course) presents a small shock forthe organism, both mental and physical. Physical shock is actually wantedbecause it induces the process of ketosis, which starts a fat burningprocess. As for mental shock, well, all that should be done is thinking aboutthe positive effects that normal weight brings to the organism.

Food, food, glorious food

A type of diet that might seem like a good one shouldresemble a south beach diet. This actually contains three phases, with firstbeing an extreme diet to create high initial loss of the extra weight. For thisdiet, people can use a fast, fad diet. This type of diet is very strict and itis all about losing as much as possible in few weeks. Two weeks is the maximum,fast diet should not last any longer, because the value of calories is set at avery low level, which is not that healthy. A good example of this diet isAtkins diet, which has been very popular couple of years ago. It is based on avery, very low calorie level, with increased values of proteins and fats. Thisseems logical because carbs create a lot of calories so proteins and fatscreate most of the menu. This means that all sorts of meat are more or lessallowed, which means this is a perfect diet for all those who enjoy in meat.To see how effective this diet can be, here are grilled chicken calories value –about 20 grams of protein, about 1 gram of fat and no carbs at all, in oneserving size. It is obvious that this is a very effective diet, but the problemis in the glucose. Brain and blood cells use only glucose taken from food andthat is why some of the side effects of this diet are nervousness, headaches etc.

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