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Dieting is a process of reducing the intake of food, thusdecreasing the intake of calories, which results in weight loss due to fatburning. There are many diets available today and all that is needed is tochoose one and stick to it for as long as needed, although there are dietsthat do not last for long, two weeks maximum. Those so-called fast fad dietsmight be very effective with a lot of pounds lost, but there is one smallproblem. If bad eating habits are not eliminated, they will take over again andlost pounds will come back after a while.

Healthy eating

This is why experts recommend a combination of two diets.First would be a fast, crash diet that does not last long, has very strictrules and eliminates a lot of extra pounds. This initial big loss of pounds isa great stimulation for a long term, healthy, balanced diet. Interestingexample is South Beach diet, which also emphasizes the importance of mental strength.Determination and patience just might be the most effective instruments when itcomes to losing weight. This is because many people simply give up on dietingand exercising because desired loss of pounds did not happen. The problem is,many people expect big results in matter of days, but that cannot happen thateasily, especially when it is known that those pounds did not accumulate in fewdays or weeks, but over many years.

Cleansing diets

Another type of diet that might be helping with weightreduction and with overall enhancement of health is a lemon cleansing diet. Thisdiet utilizes the power of lemon to help with weight reduction and to increase health,as much as possible. Cleansing part means that waste material from the intestinaltract is being eliminated. This is a positive effect because of several things.First of all, waste material is one of the biggest sources of bacteria in theorganism and that is why it should be eliminated as fast as possible, and as muchas possible. Once the intestines are empty, the energy used for that part of thebody can be used somewhere else in the organism. Also, diameter of intestinesbecomes shorter, which will reduce the volume of the entire stomach area. It hasto be said that there are some experts who claim that cleansing is not such agood idea because intestines are supposed to be at least partially full with wastematerial, and processing that material is the main role of that part of theorganism. With cleansing, that role cannot be fulfilled.

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