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Is there any way to lose excessive pounds quickly? How can you get in shape fast? These are questions that might be answered bothnegatively and positively. There is a way to lose a lot of weight in arelatively short time but it is questionable if that is a safe method when itcomes to the health of the organism.


To lose some weight fast, people will have to try a fastdiet. These diets are based on reducing the amount of carbohydrates intake,putting them to minimum. This also goes for fats, so it can be said that thebody might find itself at the verge of starvation, which is not healthy at all.Another problem is that not only fat is reduced for creating much needed energy, but proteins from muscles are also reduced, and excessive water is also beingeliminated. The biggest problem is in the fact that some of the systems in thebody cannot use anything else than carbs, which means that carbs should beavailable at any given moment. Fat burning process will provide that, but hereis a catch. Sometimes, there are side products that might be very harmful forthe organism.

This is why it is much better to use slow and healthy diet,some eating regime which is not based on rigorous rules. But this is a sloweroption, which will not satisfy some people. So, what else can be done?


It is obvious that increased physical activity has to bepresent. Best form of physical activity for those who need to reduce the extrafat tissue is cardio workout (running, swimming, aerobics, light free weightsetc.). Cardio is all about using low strength level, which will not exhaust themuscles so the exercising can be done continuously and for a long time, whichis very important when it comes to intensifying the fat burning process. Also,for creating more intensive workout, cross training should be introduced. It isbasically mixing of several different workouts in order to activate the musclesin different ways.

There is always a problem, so when it comes to losing weightfast, it is questionable if exercising and fast diet can be combined. Simplyput, fast diet allows minimum intake of energy, while cardio workout increasesthe output of energy. The difference might become too high and endanger theorganism easily. Therefore, if someone wants to use some intensive cardioworkout and use a strict diet based on low level of carbs, consulting an expertis an obligation.

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