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There are so many reasons why people should quit smoking. But unfortunately, none of them is strong enough if a smoker did not decide to quit with this nasty addiction on his or her own. The problem is that even if there is a strong desire present, people might not be able to get rid of cigarettes as easy as they think. But this does not mean that people should stop trying; actually they should continue until the smoking addiction is gone. There is also another problem. Sometimes, even if years of no smoking have passed, there is still danger of returning to this habit. Urge can be very strong, even after years and decades.


It is true that there are many tools for dealing with smoking addiction and those should be used as much as possible when dealing with cigarettes. The effectiveness of these tools will still depend on a person; they are just here to help a bit. So, what are the options? Using all sorts of medications and herbal supplements may be one of the options. There is Lobelia and Zyban, smoking patches, strategy with reducing cigarettes, cold turkey method. This last option might be the most effective one, but it is also the hardest one. There is no other help than the mental strength of the smoker and sometimes, it might not be enough.


There is also another interesting method, one of the more effective stop smoking aids, and it refers to using hypnosis, which might seem impossible but it can be done. Even though many people think that being under hypnosis renders a person completely under control, the truth is a bit different. Being under hypnosis might not completely relive the person from the agony of smoking, but it can really help a lot. A strong desire and focused mind are still needed. Hypnosis actually helps in dealing with cravings, which is the most problematic issue here. Physical addiction can be defeated in a week or two, but mental addiction might last for years and this is where hypnosis kicks in.

Hypnosis is not a state of mind completely unknown to people. Everyone experienced a bit of time when they cannot completely remember what they did and how. This does happen rarely and for a really short time, but it happens. Similar situation is when a person does something automatically and completely loses track of time. These are all situations similar to hypnosis. As always, hypnosis or any other helping option cannot be fully successful if the person is not mentally biting into the problem. Thinking that a pill or a hypnosis session is enough will lead straight to failure.

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