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What is really the problem with people? It seems like, in front ofthe life and its hardiness, people turn to some things for reducing stress and justifybehaving improperly and irresponsibly, saying that unhealthy attitude is nothing comparingto their real problems. What are we talking about? Smoking, drinking, being nervousall the time, eating too much, eating too much bad food, not being physicallyactive and so on, these are all causes of some medical conditions such ascancer, heart attack, diabetes, mental breakdown etc.


This is a problem that might easily lead to the worstmedical condition - cancer. The problem with this or any other addiction is inthe fact that even when they know what might happen, people still continue onacting badly and unhealthy. They even try unwillingly to quit smoking and when askedif they are sure they want to quit, they say yes with certainty and faith, but that all fades awayafter only a couple of hours of not smoking. So, what has to be done?

Some say that no advice will be helpful until the person in question realizes the problem that smoking creates not only for themselves, but alsofor the people who surround them. Until that moment, all effort will be just awaste of time, nerves and strength. So, what should be done?

The war

Just as people become addicted to cigarettes, they have to becomeaddicted to life without nicotine. This means that they have to understand thedangers that smoking brings along and try to avoid them. And the only thing thatcan be done about it is leaving the cigarettes for good. A life without thecigarettes will eliminate the accumulated toxins from lungs, which will make aperson breathe easier, without the infamous morning coughing. Food will startto have taste again, and the person will be able to run for more than a minuteor two. And there is reducing the risk of getting affected by cancer, as the mostimportant health benefit gained from quitting smoking.

How to do that, how to win the war? Well, just tryeverything available, everything you can to at least reduce smoking to a normallevel. There are medications, patches, therapy sessions, cold turkey method (stoppingsuddenly without any help), etc. Whatever is used, people should put out the maximumeffort in order to try and get rid of one of the unhealthy addictions.

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