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Walking in General

Walking is one of the basic fitness-maintenance components out there, no matter the sex, age or the particular person's preferred activities. Taking walks is also commonly prescribed to people while undergoing a course of rehabilitation of: heart illness, osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, as well as a number of other similar issues.

Nordic Walking, its Techniques and Benefits

And while walking is just fine, Nordic Walking is too fine. Nordic walking involves adding walking poles and applying a number of walking techniques. While the person is almost completely unaware of the fact that he or she is working a lot harder, going for a Nordic walk brings more news. The benefits of the two previously mentioned components include maximizing a person's walking routine among other favorable side-effects.

Aside from the soon to be mentioned benefits of using walking poles, another one of them which is also worth mentioning would be: safety. That means that a person who uses walking poles, by doing so, enhances his or her balance as well as stability during the course. People who suffer from joint issues can benefit greatly by this fact.

Apart from that little bonus, one of the REAL benefits of Nordic Walking is that the use of poles increases the burning of calories up to 40%. Now, seeing as this may not mean much to many of us, this would translate to a real life situation thuswise: burning 400 calories on an hourly basis, instead of a mere 200; and by improving a walker's technique, this figure may be even greater.

In other words, walking with poles burns about the same amount of calories ar running, but minus the applied impact. This will leave a person with the impression of going out for a stroll in the park, while in actuality, he or she is burning nearly twice as many loads than it would be expected.

Nordic Walking strengthens the upper body, the stomach, chest, back, neck and arms – this means that it uses roughly 90% of the entire muscle structure of the human body. Additionally, another fine benefit of using poles is the stress reduced to the joints while walking.

The techniques are very similar to those of cross country skiing and are easy to master, and this fact, in turn, makes just about anyone a suitable Nordic Walker. This is due to the fact that the technique was, actually, developed as a means of professional skiers staying in shape during the off season.

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