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As many have figured it out, this is one of the traditional techniques coming from Japan. The name itself means divine life force energy in Japanese, or for people of the Western countries, laying on of hands. This means that the universal force of life is channeled in the hands of a practitioner, from where it further spreads until it reaches the person in need of healing. As it can be concluded from this short introduction, the technique itself is completely unobtrusive and safe. And this is of great concern to many people, especially those who have not had the chance to try it out and thus lack firsthand experience.

Purposeful healing technique

Reiki represents a traditional healing technique, which is primarily aimed at giving and endowing one with the all consuming feeling of well-being, as well as that of wholeness and most blissful happiness. In this lies its strength and great healing potential. Since the emphasis is on wholeness, it is regarded as a healing technique that heals the entire person and is thus considered to belong to the category of holistic treatment techniques.

Having the treatment procedure in mind, Reiki addresses all three bodily states at once, those being physical, mental and spiritual. Its nature makes it not only uncomplicated healing technique, but also entirely natural and completely safe, which is something all can benefit from, regardless of age.

Tradition and revelations

The healing technique in question has quite a long tradition and is known to be beneficial and effective in addressing just about any ailment known to mankind, and doing so in a most satisfactory and successful manner. What makes it an even more desirable healing method is the fact that when combined with other conventional medical and therapeutic techniques, it is known to provide relief for numerous unwanted consequences, as well as facilitate and speed up the entire convalescence process.


When it comes to those most prominent benefits of Reiki, in the first instance they include great healing potential, as well as endowing one with a potential to heal another person. In addition, one can also raise his/her own spiritual level, as well as the spiritual level of other people in his immediate surroundings. Since this technique is regarded to be genuinely holistic in nature, one’s body, emotions, mind and spirit get affected in the most positive way. Benefits that one experiences are such as true relaxation, peacefulness and tranquility, feeling of security and ultimate wellbeing.

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