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A fitness rope workout, or simply skipping rope, is an excellent and amusing way to be physically active. The skipping rope is usually used by children in a game of skipping, but it also provides fantastic cardio benefits for people of all ages. This aerobic routine can also be combined with extra activities, such as walking, biking, or running. The fitness rope workout is also very popular among athletes, especially among wrestlers and boxers, since it provides unique mixture of aerobic workout and coordination exercises.

Fitness jump rope workout

Jumping rope, like any other aerobic exercise, focuses on achieving increased heart rate at which the body starts burning calories at the faster rhythm. During a fitness jump rope workout a person can easily burn up to 700 calories per hour of activity. Jumping rope can provide similar benefits as running, but it doesn’t put the excessive pressure on the knees, and it is typically safer than the running. This fitness workout can also strengthen the arms and the shoulders, while improving one’s posture and boosting the endurance. Fitness jump rope workout is often used by the athletes preparing for the competitions, and working on their performance.

Before starting your own workout

Fitness jump rope workout is something one can do practically anywhere. All that one needs is just a hard solid surface, inside or outside of the house. The equipment is very cheap, since all that one needs is a single rope that usually doesn’t cost more than $10. However, it is important to choose the proper length of the rope. People over 6’ high will need a rope 10' long. Anybody with height between 5' 6" to 6' should use 9'. People having 5' to 5' 5" should pick 8' long rope, while those under 5' in height need to pick a rope of 7' in length.

Tips for the jump rope workout

Jumping rope technique is something that builds up in a couple of weeks of persistent training. One will become better as the coordination and timing improves, but some simple tips can make this happen more sooner. First of all, it is important to hold the handles firmly, with elbows close to sides. The circular motion of wrists should be very soft in small circles. The head is lifted, and torso relaxed. It is very helpful to look at a static point on the horizon, to remain the balance. During the jump, the rope should slightly touch the ground, and the feet should keep the same position, without kicking backwards.

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