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Weight loss is a process of eliminating the excessive fattissue. Well, that is what it is supposed to be, but usually, people also losemuscle tissue and water. This all will reduce weight but not all fat will be eliminated easily. In this case, some people will have to use the secret weapon ofsuccessful weight loss. But the point is that the weapon might be different for each case.


Losing weight can be done in several ways, with exercisingand eating control being the most common and mostly used. Actually, it might besaid that exercising is all that is needed, but it is not entirely true. It istrue that exercising is the most natural pathway towards a fit body, but healthyeating habits are also needed. Eating control includes counting calories andavoiding junk food, which leaves us with vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, lowfat dairy products, whole grains etc. There should be many meals in a day withsmall amounts of food. This will not be a problem for the intestines to process,while the metabolism of the body will be active all the time, which requires constantenergy. If there is not enough energy in the food we eat, fat burning processbegins.

There is also a fast type of diet, the one which should helpobese person lose weight in the matter of two weeks, even less. Extreme reductionof carbohydrates and fast is what creates these diets, and even though a lot ofpounds can be lost, this is something that should not be applied often because it issimply not healthy. In some cases, the organism preserves the fat tissue and startseliminating the muscle tissue. Also, some side products – substances, arecreated and those are potentially harmful for the organism.


In order to win this war, the mightiest weapon used isthe mind. Mind will deal with those bad eating habits, and it will also make usput maximum effort into exercising. Mind will also benefit from this process,because self-confidence will be boosted. The most effective workout type whichshould be used for weight reduction is cardio workout. Based on a low strengthoutput, it can be done over a long period and therefore, more calories will bespent. Of course, cardio is not a must, and even weight lifting will reduce someweight, although not so much as jogging, swimming, aerobics, yoga, some sportactivities (soccer, basketball) which are based on cardio physical activity.

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