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Water aerobics can be a lot of fun for kids and adults alike, even though people mighthave a different opinion at first, due to some kind of prejudice.

Aerobics areany kind of physical exercise that involves increasing the heart rate and the oxygenintake, which benefits the entire human body’s condition. These include acts ofwalking, running, swimming and even dancing. The latest addition to this groupof activities is called water aerobics and it offers many advantages.

One of the most important advantages is that it can besuited to anyone’s individual abilities and needs. It involves every muscle andevery joint in the body, and it pleasantly cools off the heat that comes withexercising. Age restriction virtually does not exist. Water helps in supportingthe weight and puts less stress on the joints and muscles, and provides justenough pressure for every imaginable motion of the muscles to work.Overweight people who have not had proper exercise in a while will alsobenefit from water aerobics and will easily find kindred spirits among otherattendants.

A person's personal exercise program should be preciselyorganized with a personal physician. A medical indication for those who sufferfrom diabetes is a must. The water temperature should be controlled in order toprovide the optimal conditions for the expenditure of calories. Warming upbeside the pool is essential, as is showering after exercises because mostpools are chlorinated. Drinking lots of water before, during and after theclass is mandatory because a person can dehydrates greatly while working out. It is important tonever swim or perform any of the exercises alone and to follow all thesafety rules of swimming, although swimming skills are not necessary forwater aerobics. Various devices can help a person stay afloat if necessary, and bydoing so enable the person to stay focused on the exercise routine andeliminate the fear of water.

Walking, jogging and running in water strengthens themuscles and develops cardio respiratory fitness. Various games provide a widearray of moves. As the exercise class progresses, the person will gradually move todeeper water, up to chest deep, depending on the exercise.

Twenty to 40 minutes ofjogging or walking per session should be enough. Water aerobics enable a muchmore efficient way to burn calories. A 30-minute workout of jogging onland burns approximately about 240 calories, while jogging in chestdeep water burns about 340 calories.

It is also important to find a class that has aqualified instructor who has training not only in water aerobics but in healthissues as well.

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