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Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy, which is not only great for body, but also for the mind and soul. Massage is a great way to get a relief from stress, to relax, improve circulation and body posture, to lower the blood pressure, relax the muscles and improve their flexibility. It also relieves tension headaches, improves flexibility of the joints and strengthens the immune system. One of the long term effects of massage is that it decreases and prevents depression, which makes it very popular as a simple method of stress management. There are different types of massage, distinguished by their particular methods, and many styles to choose from.
Swedish massage
Swedish massage is actually a classic type of massage usually practiced in spas and relaxation centers. This type of massage uses long flowing strokes, sliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping and pleasant vibrations to reduce pain and improve circulation while contributing to feelings of vigor and relaxation.
Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses pressure to the certain points on the body, which lay on the Meridians. Shiatsu applies pressure with thumbs, feet, fingers and palms on the very same points as acupressure. Besides applying pressure, shiatsu therapist use assisted stretching and other techniques such as rolling, brushing or vibrating.
Hot stone massage
This technique uses water or oil heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body. These therapists usually use river stones, which are very smooth and polished. During the massage, therapist will place the stones along one’s back and the heat will penetrate deep into the tissues, bringing the relief from pain and release from tension. This massage technique is extremely good for blood circulation, since the heat relaxes the blood vessels and promotes the healthy blood flow.
Thai massage
Thai massage is based upon the teachings of ayurveda and yoga, combining the various positions and classic relaxation massage. There are two principal styles in Thai massage: northern and southern. The northern style emphasizes stretching, while the southern style highlights acupressure.
This method involves applying pressure to the feet and hand with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. The method is based upon the system of zones and reflex areas that they say reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. Stimulating these points, therapist can create a positive physical change to the body.
This technique uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds to alter the person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health. Essential oils are typically diluted in the carrier oils and used topically on the skin, during the massage.

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