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Water - essential for healthy weight loss

A Brief Introduction

It cannot be stressed enough how critical an abundant daily intake of water is to a healthy weight loss plan. Namely, increasing a person's intake of clean water will enhance his or her nutrient absorption, hydration of the skin, weight loss, detoxification, as well as a great deal of other healthy and necessary bodily functions.

This further means that drinking proper amounts of clean, uncontaminated water is one of the first steps to take while keeping his or her body healthy – inside and out. However, establishing the habit further enhances the same person's weight loss capabilities.

The remainder of the article shall discuss the particularities of the effects of increased water intake on weight loss.

Fat Metabolism

Healthy metabolism involves the loss of unnecessary fat rather than healthy muscle tissue. Furthermore, it means allowing the liver to convert stored fat into usable energy. And, curiously enough, the very bodily function is directly proportional to the amount of water a person drinks every day. No water, means excluding this function. This in turn means that there is no amount of exercise which may burn enough calories if a person's body is receiving a poor amount of water – and thus: no fat loss achieved.

Furthermore, the amount of water a person drinks not only allows this bodily function to perform properly, but also significantly accelerates the process of fat metabolism.


Next off, it is rather noteworthy that an increase in water intake also suppresses the weight losers appetite. What is more, it aids in digestion and helps assimilate nutrients. This means that even if a person is on a healthy diet, he or she will still not be able to receive all of the essential nutrients until the amount of water taken in is increased to a proper level.

Food craving is frequently a result of nutrient deficiency, and thusly, the water intake ought to take care of that nasty appetite as well.

Metabolism and Detoxification

The third in line would be the fact that, apart from the previously mentioned, an increased intake of water will also speed up the body's overall metabolism. Also, detoxification of the body (which is, bluntly put, the removal of unwanted waste from the body's tissue) requires regular as well as abundant intakes of water in order to perform correctly.

Clean Water

Simply put, the more a person uses his or her liver to filter the substances which are taken in alongside the water, the less time it's got to filter the toxins which are already within the body. While bottled water is fine, the best solution to clean uncontaminated water would be installing quality water filters onto the taps within the person's home.

How much water is enough then?

The proper amount of water which ought be taken in on a daily basis will vary from person to person, but a deducted average lands at about six to eight glasses of water a day. This dosage is further modified by common sense factors such as daily exercise levels, and so forth.

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