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When it comes to burning extra fat tissue, people tend to do all that is needed and they still do not succeed. Many people become disappointed when there is no result after only couple of days of dieting or exercising. There are also those who simply dislike exercising because of all that sweating and physical strain. But it has to be understood that to win the battle, certain sacrifices have to be made.


To lose weight in the most efficient way, dieting and exercising should be combined. Diet should not be strict if physically strenuous activity is performed each day. Actually, that is the main problem for those who exercise and use some diet at the same time. Number of calories should be just enough for all daily activities to be performed easily, but still low enough for a fat burning process to start. When this balance is achieved, extra pounds should be gone easily. It has to be said that a cardio workout is a bit better when it comes to intensifying fat burning process. Cardio workout is based on the use of oxygen in the muscle contraction, which does not allow muscle to tire easily. This enables us to exercise for a longer period. Exercises that could be labeled as cardio are running, swimming, aerobic exercises, yoga and similar activities. Speed walking also belongs to this group. When it comes to speed walking vs. running competition, which one is better regarding the weight loss?

Similar yet different

Both speed walking and running deplete certain amounts of calories but the point is that these values differ from one person to another. At a first glance, range of motions is bigger with running and therefore, more calories should be burned. On the other hand, speed walking can also be physically very demanding and strenuous. This means there is no answer that will directly tell us which is better. Also, speed walking might be considered to be a bit healthier, especially for ankles and knees, because there isn't the pressure that is usually present while running. This is especially important for those who are suffering from extreme obesity and for whom running is almost impossible. Speed walking, if performed at a slow pace, should not cause too much physical stress. Running or speed walking should also be performed as often as possible, each day or at least three times in a week.

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