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Losing weight might seem easy, but it is not. This is mostly because people think that all that is needed is reducing eating and throwing in some push-ups and crunches. This might be true, but it is also much more than that. For those who are serious about eliminating extra pounds and making them stay away for good, a plan is needed.


Fast diets should be avoided! This type of diets might be effective when it comes to weight reduction, but in this case, the lost pounds do not include only fat. Instead, they mostly contain water, proteins from muscles and waste material (most of these diets include colon cleansing). Also, fast diets are based on reduced intake of carbs and fats. This is because of the opinion that carbohydrates make you fat, which is definitely far from truth! Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for our bodies, so whatever we do, we need our daily dosage of carbs. It is true that reduced amount of carbs will induce fat burning process, but there is also a good chance that side products will be created, the toxic substances that might harm the organism. Also, reducing carbs might create counter effect. This means that when the intake of carbs is set at a low level, the organism thinks that the supply of carbs is poor and saves the carbs! This further means that the energy for daily functions will come from proteins and that causes destruction of muscle fibers. A person should start a healthy and balanced diet.

Strategy II

Healthy diet includes all nutrients. To reduce the fat tissue with it, the energy intake has to be decreased , which can be done by reducing the carbs slightly and fats in big amount. Also, minerals and vitamins have to be included. To achieve this, fruits and vegetables have to be taken in large amounts, with poultry and tuna as meat. Whole grains must be taken too because of the need for fibers. Normal, healthy and natural method for elimination of extra weight is increased physical activity. For those who need to reduce a lot of excessive weight, cardio workout should be performed, jogging, for example. Cardio is recommended because it eliminates the fat tissue from all parts of the body. A good diet and training schedule must be combined properly, and cardio is excellent for that but it should be splashed with some resistance training, for toning the muscles a bit.

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