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Dieting today is something so common, that it is a wonderhow the many people have problems with sticking with one diet all the way. Point ofhaving so many different choices when it comes to diets is that one diet cannothave the same effect for all who use it; therefore, several things should betried out before a proper choice is made.

Types of diets

There are two basic types of diets. One includes fast diets,those that last shortly but should create a huge result. They are very strictand allow only minimal intake of calories. Perfect example for this type isAtkins diet and there is that not so popular (but very effective) cabbage soupdiet. The problem with these diets is with the period after the diet is over. Thatis usually the time when people start thinking that bad eating habits can be usedagain, and that the pounds that return will be far less than those lost with adiet. This is a very wrong opinion because if pounds have been lost for about a week,those can return in exactly the same time. This post diet period is veryimportant, because a person should have a schedule, a far less strict diet, butstill a diet that should be used in a transition period.

Popular diets

Diets used often today are the mentioned Atkins diet, medifastdiet program, zone diet etc. Medifast diet program focuses on ketosis process.Ketosis is activated when there are not enough carbohydrates in the organismand then ketosis burns fat for having enough energy, the energy that is needed for a normal functioning. Medifast diet recommends having 6 meals in a day, but onlyone of those is a standard - meat and veggie meal, while other 5 are soups, shakes,bars etc. When a desired weight is obtained, a transition period is needed, the onethat will start to introduce back the standard meals. This is why this diet isso popular; it offers solution for the post diet period, when most of the peoplereturn their pounds.

Also, if it is possible, people should include some physicalactivity in a weight reduction process. It will not only help with the burningprocess, but the overall energy levels in the organism will be increased. Thisalso goes for enhanced respiratory and cardio systems. Of course, muscles are biggerand stronger. Whatever the choice when it comes to dieting, it might be for thebest to have a medical examination and a consultation first.

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