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Losing weight is something necessary for all those that have a problem with obesity. Unfortunately, obesity is becoming one of the biggest medical problems today, not just because of the extra pounds, but also because of the medical conditions it might induce, particularly if obesity is extreme and present for many years. What can be done?

Planning a diet

First of all, a type of diet must be chosen. There are fast diets that should help eliminate the extra pounds as quick as possible, and there are also slow diets, which can be considered as balanced and healthy meals. Fast diets are based on a low carb diet plan menu, which means that the amount of carbohydrates allowed is set at the lowest possible level. Since carbohydrates are rich sources of energy, it means that the organism will be lacking the energy needed for performing all activities and also for a normal functioning of the body. This energy is compensated with fat burning, which will create the much needed energy. It is true that with a big difference in energy taken through food and energy spent, a lot of fat tissue will be eliminated. But also, there is a possibility of some health issues emerging because of this, which is why these diets do not last more than couple of weeks. More than this and health might be harmed.


One of the more interesting diets is Atkins diet, which emphasizes really low level of carbohydrates, no more than 20gr per day. This is really a low level of carbs, just enough for basic needs of the organism. Rest of the nutrients in this diet includes a lot of proteins and a bit of fats. Protein is the basic nutrient in this type of diet and that is why this diet has been popular a lot among those who enjoy in all types of meat. But, because of the mentioned health issues, this diet lost its popularity, and then regained it again a couple of years ago. Another example would be cayenne pepper diet, which gained popularity thanks to some celebrities. This is a diet based on using a mixture of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon juice and water and it also includes tea for colon cleansing, which will make additional weight reduction effect.

Dieting would be even more effective if combined with exercising, although some caution has to be present because exhaustion might emerge easily, if there is not enough energy for that increased physical activity.

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