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Weight loss is a problem of many people today. There is nodefinite answer why it is so, but it can be said that there are severalfactors that contribute to creation of obesity. So, when this problembecomes a danger to the health of an obese person, what must be done? There areseveral methods that should be applied and here is a short review of a few commonly used.


This is a most common combination used for starting a weightreduction process. With this combo, excessive pounds will definitely go down, but as with most of things in life, a problem dwells in a minds of people and inthis case, it is particularly related to bad eating habits. Once they are eliminated, defeatingobesity will be much, much easier.

There are many types of diets and most of those usefood and supplements that help with weight reduction process. Two basic diet typesinclude fast, fad diets and slower ones (basically healthy, balanced eating).Diets are based on reducing the amount of certain nutrients in order for a fatburning process to start. With fast diets, carbs are usually cut down to a bareminimum, and that definitely increases the difference in energy input and output.The problem with fast diet is that the organism goes into defensivemode more than often, thus saving fat tissue. Since lack of energy still exists, it is compensatedfrom other sources and those are proteins from muscles. This will also reduceweight, but it should not happen due to the loss of muscles because reducing muscle mass willcreate difficulties in performing all physical activities.


One of the famous fast diets is cayenne pepper diet, alsoknown as lemon juice diet. It became popular thanks to several celebrities whohave been using it, with success, of course. One of those stars is Beyonce and obviously this diet does not need any other marketing. Next to cayenne pepper, there arelemon juice, maple syrup and water. This diet allows only small,minimal intake of carbs and therefore, fat burning process should start fairly quickly. Also, this diet uses cleansing tea, which should be taken in theevening. This tea cleanses the intestines and contributes to overall weightreduction. Still, caution has to be present because this diet should last onlyfor a week, maybe ten days. Any more than that might harm a person. Even though all the ingredients in the meal are healthy and have a lot ofvitamins and antioxidants, the amount of carbohydrates is very low and it isnot good to keep carbs at that level for a long time.

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