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Diet plans that work fast

It has to be said that losing weight rapidly is not healthy. Extra pounds are usually something that builds up over years and it would be foolish to expect they can come off in a matter of days or weeks. It is true that some weight can be lost in that period with the help of extreme measures, but that is not the safest thing for the organism.

Fast diets

A type of diet that has been used commonly all around the globe is a fast, fad type. This type of diet will help people in eliminating a decent number of pounds in a short period of time but also, it is something that might not be the healthiest thing for the body. All fast diet have the same principle – to bring the organism to the edge of starvation. Even though the organism will respond automatically trying to save energy resources as much as possible, the need for energy will be so great that fat burning process will definitely start. It has to be said that this does sound logical and correct. The problem is that we are beings who require constant supplying with energy, which is gained through food and we are simply not made for food depriving. Fast diets use very small amount of fats and carbs, only proteins can be used (Atkins diet, for example). Another problem is in fact that certain organs in our organism use only carbs as energy sources, and the brain would be a great example. The process in the organism that supplies the energy through the fat burning process might create certain products that could prove to be very toxic, which is why these diets should not last for more than two weeks.

After the diet

As already said, a lot of pounds can be lost with this diet, some from excessive fat tissue but some from muscle tissue. But then another problem emerges. These are extreme diets and people somehow manage to go through those couple of weeks. But when the diet is over, people tend to return to old eating habits, which will return those pounds in a very short time. So, diet plans that work fast do exist and they are effective (Atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, zone diet etc.), but as always, whether or not they will really be effective depends on the diet user – pounds will be lost, but will they stay lost for good, that depends only on the character of the person. 

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