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Dieting has become something many people use today. Obesity keeps growing even though there are so many diets and other methods available for weight reduction. Why is that happening? It looks like the major reason for increasing weight is overeating, which happens because people fight stress with the help of food. And while it is true that a delicious meal, high in calories, can make people happy, the elation onlylasts for a short time, while extra pounds are being put on.


When it comes to a healthy diet, it must not be based on a very low calorie value, because that is far from healthy. Usually the diets cut on carbohydrates in order to induce the fat burning process, but there are also diets that more or less cut on everything in order to induce fast weight reduction. These are so-called fast diets, which usually last not more than a couple of weeks. This is because a lot of weight can be lost, but the organism can be put into starvation because of the small intake of energy. Energy is taken from fat tissue, but also from the protein reserves, so even muscle degradation can start. This is why a balance is needed, a fat burning process that will constantly eliminate excessive fat tissue but will not harm any other tissues in the organism.

Nutrients in a pyramid

Why is a balance diet important? It is important because it will provide all the nutrients that an organism needs, there will only be some slight reduction of carbohydrates for example, but nothing too strict and rigorous, just enough for the fat burning process to be maintained. All the nutrients are needed for a normal functioning, including minerals and vitamins. In order to create such a menu, a pyramid chart should be used, along with its levels that will show which foods are allowed. Base level of this pyramid is filled with fruits and vegetables, which are excellent food types and should be a part of each menu. Actually, a balanced menu should contain 5 meals, three bigger and two smaller ones. Big ones must include vegetables and perhaps some meat (healthy meat, poultry, fish), while snacks should include fruit. Second pyramid level contains meat and dairy product, while the last level contains food rich with fat, which should be avoided as much as possible.

There are also diets that use specific food type, which might not be as common as a balanced diet, but it might be effective. For example, raw meat diet is a bit controversial and before starting it, a person must visit a nutritionist in order to establish if this diet is even needed. This diet might not be easy to handle, so sushi might be included, as it is mostly served raw. Also, a good source of quality meat has to be found in order to avoid some medical problems. Those who use this diet claim that the meat they eat is the healthiest one, since there is no additives or chemicals added. As already said, help from experts is needed because it might be a bit of a shock for the organism to transfer from processed to raw meat.

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