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The person loses from 50 to 100hairs a day, but this is not a reason for concern since it is a perfectly normalprocess, which is necessary for the process of growth to start again. Still, incases when the hair falls off at the higher rate than the rate at which itgrows, or in cases when the hair that grows is thinner than the hair that fallsoff, the evident hair loss is very likely to become noticeable. Hair falling offand hair loss are very stressing for a person who experiences these problems, regardlessof the gender or age. They can occur from a number of reasons, among which themost common are hormonal changes, various medications, diseases and medicaltreatments, as well as infection of the scalp and hair treatments that require theuse of chemicals for dying, bleaching, straightening etc.

Due to the fact that the way aperson looks is affected to a great extent due to the loss of hair, there isnothing that the person in question would not do in order to put a stop to thatundesirable process and to have normal and healthy hair again. The marketoffers a number of solutions for this issue, but the fact is that the greatestmajority of them is more than expensive, particularly when having in mind thatthe use of such products should last several months. This is one of the mainreasons why people turn to natural remedies more and more, whereas anotherimportant reason for that is the fact that negative effects are experiencedless frequently than in the first case.

Some natural remedies for hairloss

If six drops of lavender oil aremixed with six drops of bay essential oil and this mixture is added to fourounces of almond oil, this makes a great mixture that can be used for the treatmentof hair loss or thinning hair. It has to be massaged into the scalp and held for 20 minutes inorder to stimulate the scalp. Instead of almond oil, the oil of sesame orsoybean can be used as well.Saw palmetto is an herb which is wellknown for its potential to affect the production of enzymes and testosterone. Itis believed that for the same reason it might help in the treatment of thinning hair or hairloss, and this is why many products and medications for this problem are based onthis ingredient.

Other useful herbs are also nettles,sage rosemary, jojoba oil, aloe vera and coconut oil.

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