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The hair loss is very common problem which usually affects persons aged above fifty. Despite the fact that this esthetic and rather annoying problem gives headache to the male population, sometimes women are also involved. External and internal causers of hair loss in women are different than those that affect male population, mostly because one of the most usual trigger of hair loss in women is pregnancy.


Early symptoms of hair loss are very noticeable. One of them is thinning of hair and dandruff phenomenon which results as poor quality of the entire hair. Second symptom may occurs as loss of hair in a specific area. Furthermore, the most severe symptom is partial or total baldness.

Recognition of the triggers

Get knowing the causers of the problem is the first step we should attend. There are few triggers which can cause hair loss in women. Hair treatments which we use for scalp hygiene (shampoo, regenerator, different kinds of masks, and so on) must be mild products, and must not be consisted of aggressive substances such as strong perfume fragrance. Also, one must be sure in the efficiency of the chosen care (it must provide vitamins and minerals). When it is about nutrition, it also must be rich in vitamins so that provide the suspension of the internal trigger of the hair loss. Some causers of the hair loss can result as hereditary. Also, disbalance of hormonal levels during pregnancy can be one of the reasons of hair loss in old ages.


Once we introspected all the possible causers of this disease, the certain therapy can be applied. If we are not keen on visiting doctors for this problem, there are also some cures we can provide in home treatment. One of them considers light massage of the scalp with the anti –dandruff shampoo in which we previously have dissolved one or two tablets of Aspirin. When it is the word about massages it also helps if we use some aloe vera gel. When we finish with massage, we should rinse our scalp with warm water. Those therapies are far more effective if repeated every few days. Having in mind non-rinsing solutions, hot oil treatments (almond and coconut oil) have shown great success in this area. They also suspend dandruff expansion. Homemade shampoo can also be perfect solution if made of various healthy ingredients (Indian gooseberry, acacia concinna and so on).

If neither one of these homemade therapies has shown the improvement of the healing process, it is highly advised that one should seek for medical care of the specialist.

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