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The most important part of the hair is its root, which is called follicle and the protein that creates it, keratin. The hair loss is the natural process, so as the hair growth. But, when the equilibrium of the growth and the death of hair is damaged, that is, when more hair falls off than it is produced, the condition called alopecia is noticeable.

The hair loss is one of the most common problems in both, men and women. The circumstances that usually lead to this condition are the poor blood flow in that area, stress, the hormonal irregularities, and the dandruff. Among them, the significant causes are the hereditary and the age factor. Concerning that matter, the hair loss can be divided in the two types; the male and female type of hair loss. The first one is often passed on by generations, that is, the gene factor plays the decisive role. And the other, the female type, is characterized by losing a hair’s quality at first and then it falls off, but never the whole hair is lost.

But, luckily the market is full of the products that treat this problem and prevent it. For the prevention, certain hair conditioners are used. Also, there are a lot of known homemade remedies. For example, the homemade conditioner that prevents the hair loss is made with the olive oil that can be used in massage treatment of scalp, having it heated previously.

The other oils are beneficial, too. The coconut oil combined with amla oil makes one of the best tonics for curing the hair loss. Also, coconut oil can be blended with the lime juice and applied onto the scalp once a day. The use of the castor oil and the almond oil are recommendable, too.

Not to forget the mixtures which are made with different oils. Those are the paste that contains the powder of shana seeds and a little bit of coconut or sesame oil and the paste that has the following ingredients: honey, a few pinches of cinnamon powder and hot olive oil. The second one should be applied onto the scalp ad left to there for a quarter of an hour.

There are some other pastes that are made by grinding the ingredients, which can consist of a lot of different combinations of nutrients: black pepper and the seeds of lemon, black pepper and curd, the henna paste and the beetroot leaves, water and the fenugreek seeds, and red gram and pigeon pea. All those pastes could be diluted in water in order to make the process of applying easier.

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