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Healthy hair

In earlier times, women did not pay much attention to their hair, or at least it seems like that, and the expensive products that are offered to us today did not exist then. This makes us wonder how women in earlier times maintained healthy hair.

There are certain oils for hair that are more effective than the expensive hair products we are forced to listen about in the advertisements every day. How many times have you tried to use some of the hair products that showed no results? On the other hand, the oils for hair are very potent in curing the most troubling hair problems, such as the thinning of the hair, hair loss, slow hair growth and dry hair.

Best hair oils

It is considered that the best oil for hair is olive oil. Its main ingredients are vitamins B, D and E, and apart from nourishing and revitalizing the hair, it promotes the hair growth in cases when the bald patches appear on the scalp. If one wants to speed up the hair growth, it is recommended to massage the head with this oil every day. The blood flow to the scalp is improved by this oil and thus the hair growth is accelerated. However, it is very important to wash the hair very well after applying the oil, since otherwise, the hair won't be allowed to breathe, which will be counterproductive. Coconut oil is one of the most frequently used hair oils since it is inexpensive and easily available. It is also claimed that this oil is the best for hair conditioning. When using this oil, the hair loss is decreased, the hair growth is promoted and the damaged hair is healed. Castor oil for hair is recommended since it contains omega-9 fatty acids, which are very effective in preventing dryness of the scalp and thus the bad quality of the hair. Castor oil is also recommended for those who have problems with thin hair. The experts suggest that this oil should be applied in the evening and washed away in the morning in order to be the most effective. Almond oil is also one of the most powerful oils for treating the hair problems; it is good for hair nourishment, but also for the fast regrowth of the hair.

It is also good to mix equal amounts of castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil and then massage the scalp for about 15 minutes with this mixture.

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