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Introduction to thinning hair

When a person is suffering from the thinning hair they feel hopeless and are usually very depressed about losing their hair and worrying about how they will look.

It is a very common concern for people of all ages and even of both genders.

Even though for most men, losing their hair is something hereditary that is hard to be avoided, there are ways to stop thinning hair or at least decrease it, especially if there are other problems that are causing it that are not related to genetics. Home remedies

There are many natural herbs that can be used to treat thinning hair.

Amla, which is another name for Indian Goose Berry, is an herb that works wonders for hair growth and maintenance.

A good remedy to try is to take dry pieces of the herb and boil them in castor or coconut oil for 20 minutes and then let it cool and store it away, after which, a person should massage that mixture into the hair at least once a week.

Another good remedy includes taking amla powder and mixing it with an egg and then applying it to the hair and letting it sit for a half hour before washing it off.

Aloe Vera is a natural way to stimulate the hair and improve its strength and growth. Just massage the juices from the plant into the hair and scalp, leave it on the head for a half hour and then wash it off. This will improve the healthy of the hair if done consistently for two or three months.

Aloe vera can also be mixed with coconut oil and massaged into the hair and scalp as well.

There are various oils that can also be used to help with the problem of thinning hair.

Combine equal amount of castor and coconut oil, heat it, and then take the warm oil and apply it to the hair and leave it on for an hour. It is also a good idea to dip a towel in warm water and cover the head until the towel goes cold.

Another good mixture is hot olive and almond oil, which can also be massaged into the hair and scalp gently.

Another good tip is to not over-wash the hair. If the person’s hair is thick, there is no need to wash it more than twice a week. However, if the person has thin and oily hair naturally, then they will have to wash it more often, but in this case, it is imperative that they use mild shampoo when they are washing the hair, in order to decrease the amount of damage being done to the hair by various chemicals.

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