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Hair loss (falling) or absence of hair on the head is known as baldness, or using the medical terminology alopecia.

Hair is growing on every surface of our skin, excluding the hands, palms of our hands and soles of the feet. Hair is produced in the hair follicles, when amino acids from the follicles are turned into protein keratin.

There are male and female types of baldness. Male baldness is almost always genetically predisposed. It could happen at any age and could lead to the loss of all hair in short amount of time. Female baldness is different. Women’s hair is thinning with years in all head areas, except the frontline, and it never ends in loss of complete hair.

Usually, there is balance between the number of hair growing and those falling off, but this balance can easily be destroyed. Any problem in the body could reflect to our scalp, resulting in hair loss. Insufficient diet is the main reason for alopecia, and people with folic acid deficiency are most likely to suffer from baldness. Alopecia could be caused by genetic predisposition, age, changes of hormone levels, poor scalp circulation and dandruff, and some of the cases are stress related.

When your hair is thinning or falling off, you could try some home remedies to fix the situation.

Massage with almond oil, couple times a day might be good for your scalp and hair. Some recommend regular use of castor oil for hair loss.

Amla (Indian goose berry) pieces in coconut oil make an excellent hair tonic, said to be best natural remedy for baldness. You could also try shampoo made of fresh amla and lemon juice (1 part of amla and 1 part of lemon juice). Sometimes, amla is combined with reetha and shikakai (100g of each) and boiled in 2l of water. Use this as the shampoo for a month.

Hair loss could be prevented by application of the coconut oil and lime mixture, or just plain coconut milk. Coconut oil could be mixed with shana powder into a paste believed to help with baldness.

A cup of juice made of lettuce and spinach, taken daily, is believed to prevent hair loss.

Make some juice of fresh coriander leaves, and use it on your scalp, it might be helpful.

Home remedy with henna is effective for loss of hair - 100 g of henna leaves are boiled with 250g of mustard oil, the oil is then cooled and used on the head. Henna paste could be used with mash beetroot leaves, too.

Lime seeds and black pepper, in same amounts, grinded, and mixed with some water should help to prevent baldness.

You could try the paste made of pigeon pea or red gram, paste of cooked black gram dal and fenugreek, or paste of hot olive oil, honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon, it is said that these pastes really help in minimizing the hair loss effect.

Grind fenugreek seeds, mix them with some water and some oil, and then leave on the hair for an hour. Use it every day for a whole month - it should stop the hair loss.

Sometimes, herbalists recommend the use of hot olive or herbal oil, or strong southernwood infusion diluted with water massaged into the scalp. These conditioners are believed to prevent baldness.

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