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Causes of gray hair

Grey hair appears in one of two cases; either body stops producing melanin, substance responsible for color to the hair, or follicle are unable to add color to the hair. Grey hair used to be sign of the beginning of the old age in life but today the younger people may have a grey hair, too.

There are several reasons for having a grey hair, especially in younger age main one is attributed to tension and stress. But it is quite natural to have a grey or grayish hair over 40 years of age. Certain illness, medications and smoking can be responsible to premature occurrences of gray hair.

Treatment for gray hair

Apart for women’s favorite, dying and coloring your hair, there are some natural treatments for gray hair. Problem with dying a grey hair is that only lasts under the month unlike cases of normal color hair dying, which should last couple of months. Other cosmetics products may keep your hair pretty and clean but it will not stop the graying process. Natural remedies are much better option.

Natural remedies for grey hair

Many of those natural remedies require patience and diligence. It sometimes takes a several months for some of those remedies to start to work properly, and they must be applied regularly and continuously in order to yield long lasting results. Here is a short list of some of those remedies;

You should try to mix juice of bottle gourd with olive or sesame oil and apply it to your hair. This mixture prevents hair from falling or going gray, and also makes hair thick, shiny, black and long.

Another natural remedy for gray hair is mixture of two teaspoons of salt with boiled and cooled tea leaves. This mixture should be rubbed in hair and scalp and left there for some time, before it is washed up after one hour. It should be done for a period of ten days.

You can also try the paste made from mango seeds and gooseberries. Application of the paste is similar to the previous one; just apply it on the scalp and hair and leave it here for a while before washing it off.

Combination of black pepper and curd is also helpful natural remedy. It tales a 100 grams of curd and 1 gram of black pepper, and after you mix it well, you apply it evenly to your scalp and hair. You should do this once per week and if this not helps your gray hair it is still very healthy for your hair nourishment; your hair will be silky smooth.

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