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The hair is made out of protein, same material as in human nails on toes and fingers. To maintain process of getting normal hair production, it is necessary to intake certain amount of protein. Such protein can be found in dried beans, eggs, fish, meat, chicken, nuts, tofu etc.

Human hair grows, rests and falls off in a cycles. Every cycle repeats itself in a period of year. But there is a phase that lasts between two to six years, when the scalp hair grows and in period of 2-3 months rests. The final phase here is called a shedding phase. Shedding phase is normal, and it lasts every day in amount of 50 to 100 hairs shades. Shedding hair is when a person gets a new hair, replacing an old hair. The replacement is done from the follicle that is placed just under the skin surface. Approximately, hair grows out of scalp for half of inch per month.

The loss of hair

For hair loss is happening due to a condition of androgenic alopecia, there is no help, but there are still treatments for such. For instance, Minoxidil (Rogaine) goes right massaged onto a scalp and Finasteride (Propecia) is a hair loss treatment but only for men. A serious loss hair can be caused by various causes. 50 % of people are loosing hair by their 50. If the hair is shedding a lot or becomes very thin and falls off easily, it is recommended to see dermatologist. The causes of hair loss can be noticed and predicted.

Alopecia areata- the hair that falls off is round and smooth. It is a disease that can affect almost anyone, any age really.Androgenic alopecia-it is a male or female hair loss when the hair thins out in front of the scalp and expands toward back and top of scalp very fast. Androgenic alopecia runs in families.Infections- It is a fungal infection and appears with children. The hair falls out to be replaced with pink skin. The condition follows these symptoms: bad breathing, bad appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, fever and pain, vomiting, skin problems and requires consultation with doctor.Thyroid disease- underactive and overactive thyroid can provoke loosing of hair: it is linked with thyroid disease and can be treated with proper treatment.Cancer drugs- chemotherapy results with hair loss, because cells stop dividing. Hair goes thin and breaks, after one to three weeks after of receiving chemotherapy. Low serum iron- a hair loss can be caused with lack of iron.Inadequate amount of protein in diet- vegetarians do not eat enough protein and it might produce hair loss. High fever, a bad infection- Out of severe stress can cause hair loss.Childbirth- During pregnancy hair grows but after a childbirth hair may enter into a resting phase, 2 or 3 months after childbirth woman’s hair falls off.Birth control pills- Due to a birth control pills intake, hair falls off cause of the most of time, hair thinning inherited tendency.Medications- Some prescription medications may provoke shedding of hair, usually arthritis drugs, blood thinners, gout and psoriasis drugs etc...

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