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There are exercises and routines that have been specially designed and created for individual needs and muscle groups. It is a fact that the majority of people neglect to work on their middle back muscles. However, these muscles in this particular area are necessary to build to help a person with their flexibility and their strength. By developing this muscle group you will also have the added benefit of reducing your chance of injury to that area. Unfortunately but truly, many people complain about suffering with pain in their middle back. Below are a few exercises to help develop and tone the middle back.

Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row for the Middle Back

This exercise is known for being one of the very best exercises for the middle back region. You will need to use two dumb bells and hold one in each of your hands in a position that your palms are facing each other. At this point you can bend your knees and allow your torso to go forward and now allow yourself to bend from the waist. It is important to keep your back straight and keep your head facing up. The dumb bells should hang down, now you should pull the dumb bells up to your sides whilst breathing out and hold them there. After a couple of seconds you can slowly lower the dumb bells back down. Be aware, if you are already suffering with a pain in the back region this is not the exercise for you.

Seated Cable Rows for the Middle Back

This exercise is for the lower middle back area. You will need to use a low pulley row machine that also has a V-bar attached. Sit down on the piece of equipment with your feet on the footrest and allow your knees to be a little bit bent. Grasp the pulley bar and with a straight back, pull the handles in the direction of your waist after which you can slowly release back into the starting position.

Middle Back Shrug for the Middle Back

This type of exercise is designed for the upper middle back. You need an inclined bench and a couple ofdumb bells. Lay down, facing down on the bench and pick up the dumb bells which should be lying on either side of the floor. Having your palms facing one another, exhale and bring the dumb bells up, contracting your shoulder musclestogether.

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