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Back exercises for women are great way to develop strong, sleek and attractive back. However, it is not just that back exercises makes one look better, but they also contribute to some of the most important features of good health such as standing posture and overall flexibility. Muscles of the human back assist in movement, lifting and flexibility. Strong back muscles can help to move easily, remain fit and healthy even in the long run. The long graceful curve of back will certainly look much better with summer wardrobe, but it will also help a woman combat the effects of aging and make her feel truly elegant and fit. Here are some great back exercises designed especially for women.

Chin Ups

Chin ups are strength training exercise but they can also do the miracles for one’s back. This is a great exercise that works the entire upper body and shoulder griddle. Very often, women find it hard to perform. If a woman has problem with this exercise, it is recommended to perform only assisted chin ups using a support chair or some kind of fixed piece of furniture or spotter. The basic form of a chin up is performed with arms extended above a head, while gripping a hold, usually a static bar. The body is pulled up, reaching towards the bar, until the bar touches the upper chest. The body is then lowered down and the exercise is repeated.

Bent Over Barbell Row

This is a great exercise for all upper back muscles and strength. A woman should start with a small weight but perform the exercise in full range motion. Woman should grasp a bar and bend knees slightly while bending the body over bar with back straight. Then she pulls the bar to upper waist until the arms are extended and shoulders stretched downward. The exercise is repeated a couple of times.

Seated Rows

This is a great exercise but more isolated one. It works the middle back. A woman can include this exercise in a regular training or finish a set of different kind of exercises with a seated row. This exercise starts with a handle that puts a grip in palms facing toward each other. The feet are placed on the block in front of the body and the arms are extending all the way forward until a woman feels stretch in the back. While doing this exercise, it is important to focus on the center of the back and let the weight slowly return into the starting position.

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