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Do Not Neglect the Basis

Many people, once they start body building, concentrate mainly on their biceps, abs and some other muscles they are capable of seeing in the mirror every day. However, a few of these people know that the back muscles are the most important group of all. Namely, these muscles act as a foundation, holding all the other muscles together and acting as a more than valuable support. Therefore, they should not be left out when exercising, but, rather, more included than the other muscles.

Exercises for Strong Back Muscles

One of the best exercises involving one's back are pull ups. All you need for this purpose is a fixed bar long enough for you to grab it with your hands opposing you. The next thing you need to do is to pull yourself off the ground, up to the bar level, until your chin either touches it or gets above it. After stopping for a bit at this peak, slowly return your body down, repeating the whole process for about 10 times.

The second best exercise are the famous deadlifts. This exercise consists of you bending your back down, while leaving your legs absolutely straight during the process. One you have lowered the upper part of your body, you are to grab and lift a barbell up to your initial position, holding it down with your hands next to your body and your shoulders retracted back a bit. Several series of 10 repetitions should do wonders to your back muscles.

Similar to bench pressing, there are the T-bar rows. Namely, lie down on a T-bar bench, with your back placed upon a 45 degree angle. You also need to make sure your legs are spread wide and that they will allow support if your back gets over-strained. Take the handle of the barbell and slowly lower it to the hight of your chest, returning it up slowly afterwards. The same exercising tactics regarding series and repetitions may be applied here.

Next thing, you can do also involves the barbell. Bend the upper part of your body while holding the weight, so to make the barbell be somewhere at your knees hight. Afterwards, with your palms facing the opposite of you, lift up the barbell up to your abdominal area, as if pulling it in. Repeat until you feel that your back has had enough since you do not want to stress it too much.

Finally, there are numerous other exercises involving a lat machine, different weights and many other things. All you need is a strong will and patience to endure the exercises mentioned above. If you have what it takes, strong and powerful back will come as a rightful reward in no time.

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