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Jennifer Anderson and Madonna both have something in common, something the majority of women are extremely envious of, toned upper arms. It seems when women get to a certain age the upper arms start to sag and in some cases swing on their own accord. Not many women are confident enough to hold a hand in the air and wave a friend goodbye as most women are too aware of the unsightly view of their swinging upper arm fat.

Toning the Upper Arm Muscles

The only sure fire way of toning your muscles in the upper arms, or anywhere on the body for that matter, is to lose the fat first. Even, if you have been working out and you have built up some muscles, if there is a layer of fat covering them they will never give the appearance of being toned and defined. By doing a weight training program you will build the muscles as well as tone the muscles and lose the necessary fat.

Arm Toning Safety

These exercises are designed to tone the biceps and the triceps. They are not about toning the forearms or shoulders. It is important to seek the advice and the training from a fitness instructor if you are a beginner as they can watch you to ensure you are doing them correctly and not causing a possible injury to yourself.Arm Toning Exercises

The bar bell bicep curl is the main exercise in your toning regime. It is probably the easiest to get right. You need to stand with your feet placed about shoulder width apart from each other. Now you can lift a bell bar to your chest keeping your back straight at all times to prevent injury to the back muscles. Once the bar is at chest level you can then curl it up to slightly above the pectoral muscles and then you can slowly lower it back down. The elbows need to stay next to your sides throughout this maneuver. Another exercise is called the skull crusher. For this you need to lay down on a bench and lift a bell bar over your head using the palms so they are facing the roof. It is important that you allow the weight of the bar to be slightly backwards so if it did drop then it would fall behind your head and not on you. The bar should be lifted so the arms become straight and then lower the bar back down into position slowly.

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