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Building up the triceps can help greatly with regard to increasing strength and grip. Triceps exercises are the best way to build up these muscles, and using dumbbells while working them out can provide great benefits with regard to muscle growth. These exercises should be performed on alternate days.


These exercises need to be performed for about two months before the results will become apparent. The exercises will help you to tone up and strengthen the triceps in an appropriate and safe manner.

One of the best triceps exercises is the standing single arm dumbbell extension. Stand up straight with the feet at shoulder width. Hold the dumbbell in one hand. This arm should the be raised until the dumbbell is held at arm’s length above the shoulder. Lock the elbow and bend the arm slowly behind the head. A right angle should be formed at the elbow. Raise the arm back to a vertical position and perform about ten reps.

This exercise requires an exercise bench. Sit upright on the bench and raise both arms above the head, holding the dumbbell in both hands. Position the weight above your head and then slowly lower the arms downwards behind the head. Return the weight to the starting position and perform three sets of ten reps.

Lying Dumbbell and Dumbbell Kickback

A lying dumbbell is another great triceps exercise. Lie flat on the bench, holding the dumbbell in both of your arms. Lower the dumbbell behind the head, over the edge of the bench. Return the weight to the starting position and perform about three sets of ten repetitions.

Dumbbell kickback also requires a bench. Hold the dumbbell in one hand with the opposite knee and hand placed on the bench. Tuck in the arm holding the weight. The upper part of the arm should be parallel to the floor and the elbow should be at a right angle. Extend the weighted arm before returning it to the initial position. This exercise requires three sets of ten on each arm.

This exercise requires the exercise bench to be inclined. Lie flat on the bench. Ask someone to help you position the dumbbells over your shoulders. Keep the arms straight with the elbow slightly bent. The palms of your hands should be facing each other. Bend your elbow until the dumbbells are flanking your head. Allow the weights to touch your shoulder. Return to the initial position and perform about three sets of ten reps.

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