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Most common causes of middle back pain

The fact is that, even though pain in the back is frequently experienced by a number of people and is due to a number of reasons, pain in the middle back is not as common as pain in other parts of the back. However, this does not mean that it is a reason for concern. The main causes are usually connected to either strain or sprain of the muscle, which is in most cases, a result of trying to lift something heavy, or over exertion. It is also possible that some trauma or injury (due to fall or some accident) will result in pain. Besides these reasons, poor posture, overweight, or sleeping on a too soft mattress, for example, can also provoke the pain in question.

Generally, this pain tends to go away on its own after a few days, and until that happens, it is recommended to get plenty of rest, to avoid strenuous activities and to take some pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medications, if necessary. Since the problem is usually connected with muscles, applying ice packs and heat packs might also help, as well as massage.

Which exercises can help in relieving middle back pain?

It is well known that physical activity is beneficial for a people’s health, but the fact is, that various exercises can help with various conditions, either in curing them, or in relieving the symptoms. As for the pain in the middle back, there are some exercises that should be done either at home, or under the supervision of the professional therapist. Some of those that help with this problem are:

Stick exercise, which is done in a standing position, with a stick that should be held at both ends, and at the back, right under the neck. From this position, it is necessary to rotate it to the right and stay in that position for some 30 seconds, repeating the same to the left for another 30 minutes. Cat stretch is done with palms and knees on the floor and flat back. The head should be dropped, and then it is necessary to round up, holding the position for 15 seconds. Back stretching requires lying on one's back with knees bent and feet on the floor. First the right arm should be raised up to 90 degrees, and then moved in a half circle until extended up behind. After a short relax, the movement needs to be reversed, and the same should be done with the other hand.

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