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The Muscles of the Arm

Perhaps many of us are not aware, but our arm is controlled by numerous muscles, some of which are not even located in the arm. Therefore, there are various muscle groups you need to take into consideration once you start working these limbs out. For example, our chest plays quite an important role for our hand movement since the pectoral muscles spread all the way to our shoulders. Also, the deltoid and rotator cuff muscles are very important when it comes to lifting things and throwing them. As far as Flexing and stretching our arms is concerned, our biceps and triceps muscles are in charge of these operations. Finally the flexors and extensors located in our wrists play a crucial part in many sports like baseball, golf, tennis etc. All in all, there are plenty of muscles which need to be exercised correctly in order to become strong and capable of giving maximum results whenever you need them. Thus, you need a good arm workout plan.

Arm Workout Plan

The first exercise is the well-known bench press. This is a weight-lifting exercise performed by lying down on the bench, your Head and shoulders touching it. Make sure you do not move from this position during the workout, since this would indicate a too demanding weight. Once in this position, you are to lie below the bar, grab it with your shoulder width. Then, pick it up slowly and lower it to just above your nipples. Once you have done this, return it to the initial position by lifting the barbell high up. Breathe during the whole process and mind your posture.

Next, come shoulder presses. This exercise is performed while standing with your feet at your shoulder width. Take a barbell and place it onto your chest, grabbing it with your hands at your shoulder width too. Then, lift the barbell high above your head, doing this slowly before returning it to the initial position.

From the same posture, you can perform bicep curls. This is done by holding the bar with your arms extended down completely and the elbows facing you. Then, curl your arms until the bar reaches your chest. Once having done this, return to the initial position and repeat.

Also, you might do the kickbacks. This exercise is called this way because you are supposed to lean on a chair with one of your hands, holding a dumbbell in the other. Then, you are to flex your arm backwards, as if you are kicking someone behind you, while holding the weight in it.

Finally, there are wrist curls, which are performed while sitting and holding a bar with your palms facing you. Keep your elbows resting on your knees and, by using only your wrists, lift the bar up before returning it back down.

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