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Triceps Pushdowns

You can get the amazing triceps by including one exercise in your workout and it is triceps pushdown. Tricep mass can be enhanced with the help from these exercises. This kind of workout involves several muscles but the main focus is on the triceps. There are three muscles that comprise the triceps and are located on the end of the upper. There are several variations of the pushdown exercise that I will give examples of.. In order to do this exercise, you need to be standing at the front of a pulley with a V, cambered or straight bar. Keep your body straight and the shoulders apart, with the elbows stable, straight chest and tight stomach. Now the bar needs to be pushed down with the elbows strong; stop at the point before the elbows become straight and then return to the starting position. Do three sets of this exercise with 15 repetitions.


The first variation is called resistance band triceps pushdown, and it is done while standing erect and with the bar in your hands. The tree, back deck, fence or a pole can be used for attaching the equipment and remember to keep the elbows stabile, chest up and firm and the abdominal muscles tight. Then the bar needs to be lowered while the elbows are in flexible motion and stable. Stop when the elbows almost reach straight position and return to the initial position. When the ground and the elbows are in parallel position, the motion should be reversed. When doing this exercise, the person needs to stand away from the tubing unlike the triceps pushdowns. Do two sets with 15 repetitions.

Next variation is called one arm triceps pushdown and it is done while holding the bar with an underarm grip. You need to take few steps from the machine and you can put one foot in front of the other if this position suits you better. The handle needs to be in front to the chin when the exercise begins, and then the handle needs to be pushed until it reaches the waist level. Remember that the elbows must be at the against the body. The triceps must be squeezed when this position is reached, and then the arm is returned to the initial position. This is done with one arm and then the same needs to be repeated with the other. Do three sets with 10 repetitions.

Reverse triceps pushdown is done with a bar connected with a pulley and the bar needs to be held with the palms facing your shoulders. The bar is in front of you, and then it should be lowered to the point when the arms reach full extension. Let the elbow remain fixed, while the whole job is done by the forearms. While breathing out, return the cable to the initial position. Do two sets with 15 repetitions.

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