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Nearly everyone wants to look good and nearly everyone is aware of the pressure to look good and keep fit and healthy. However, with this in mind, most people also have a very busy schedule with their work commitments as well as their own personal and family commitments. This makes it quite a challenge for getting down to the gym.

Home Exercise for the Back

There are options for exercising at home, for instance if you want to work on your back muscles and you only have free weights in your house it can still work. Back fat is unsightly and difficult to remove. It can take many hours in the gym using a whole array of machinery to help with losing the back fat. A helpful hint is, you do not need the machines to effectively lose the back fat thus why you can successfully complete your mission from the comfort of your home. Simply get a hold of some free weights and follow the below recommendations for exercise methods and you will notice a difference in your back.

Barbell Bent over Rows for Back Exercises

This form of exercise is very simple to perform. What you need to do is stand on top of a box of some sort with a loaded barbell. You have to have your knees bent just a little and have your head up, now keep the back straight and allow yourself to bend a little over your body so your upper body part is bent over at a forty five degree angle to the ground. The barbell needs to be hanging down with your palms facing the ceiling. At this point you can lift the barbell up to your chest making sure to use the muscles in your back. Do not allow yourself to bounce and keep your elbows against your sides.

Yoga Ball for Back Exercises

The only pieces of equipment you will need for this exercise is a yoga ball and dumbbells. You need to lay down on the yoga ball facing down. Keep your chest area centered and look up. Now you can pick up the dumbbell and keep your hands extended. Remember to bend the elbows and allow yourself to lift your arms to the sides. It is important that you breathe in while lifting and breathe out while lowering them. This exercise can be done ten times. This can be slightly challenging for the beginners so you may want to use the help of someone to begin with.

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