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If you are looking to improve thestrength in your shoulders you should try doing an exercise called the dumbbell shoulder press. There are specific techniques to follow when doing thisexercise to avoid causing any injury to yourself so it is advisable to seek thetraining aid of an instructor for your first attempts.

Prior to Doing the DumbBell Shoulder Press

This particular exercise willhelp you emphasize your triceps and upper back muscles. Injuries to theshoulders, elbows or neck are possible so you need to ensure you do theexercise as instructed. If you already are suffering with any form of pain orinjury to these areas of your body then it is not advised you follow this typeof exercise. Prior to doing the exercise, as with any exercise you need to warmup your body first and also incorporates some stretches to prevent anyinjury.

Seated Dumbbell ShoulderPress

Following is the correct methodto do the seated dumb bell shoulder press. It is important that you use a dumbbell weight that you are comfortable with. There is no point in choosing a dumbbell that is too heavy for you. Firstly you need to sit down on the bench thathas a back support and take a hold of the dumb bell with both hands. Your feetneed to be on the floor with a hip width distance. Now you can bend at theelbows and allow your arms to rise up to your shoulders so the dumb bells arenear to the ear area. Remember to pull in your stomach muscles so you can feela small gap between your lower back and the bench. Now is the time to raise thedumb bells into the air so they come together above your head. Then you canlower them back to the starting position.

Twisting DumbbellShoulder Press

For this exercise you will needto stand and have your feet hip width apart with the knees bent. Have the dumbbells in each hand by your shoulders with your palms facing one and anotherwith the elbows bent. Now put up the dumb bells and turn your torso to the leftthen bring down the dumb bells and turn your body back to the center again. Repeatagain but turn your body the other way. This can be repeated ten to twentytimes.

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