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Of all places where excess fat tends to stick, back could easily be the worst. It is obvious, it makes you look hunched and it frequently comes in less than appealing folds. Fat back is a common problem and most people wish to get rid of it. There are a few exercises that will help you to make your back stronger, toned, and slim.Precautions

You might not be aware of this, but your back is covered with muscles, mot of which serve to keep your body in an appropriate position. This is a very important role. Remember how it feels to have a stiff muscle in the back. You are all but disabled. This means that your back works all day, or at least, it works whenever you are not supported by a bed or a pile of pillows. It is therefore crucial not to overwork or exhaust your back muscles when you exercise. Back muscles are pretty strong and if you have no previous experience, you might think that you should push them harder. This inevitably leads to days of stiff and painful back, and that is if you haven't injured anything. Start easy.Gym exercises

Exercises for the back are usually called "rows" because they resemble motions involved in rowing. Actually, they were derived from rowing, as it uses back muscle power a lot. Most people today are more likely to have access to a gym than to a rowing boat, but the name stuck. Most common "rows " are the seated row, the straight back row, and the seated high row. Goal of all rows is to pull weight towards you, using back and arm power. In a seated row, you will pull cables at waist level and lean slightly forward in the beginning and end up straight, with arms pulled so close that your elbows go behind your torso. In a seated high row, you will pull cables that are above you. The straight back row is almost identical to the seated row, you just keep your back straight and vertical all the time.

Exercises you can do at home

Dumbbells are a good alternative for the gym. They fit under your bed and do not require membership renewal. When you exercise rows with a dumbbell, do it one arm at a time, and use a bench for support. While you lift and lower the weighted arm, use your other arm and a knee to support your weight against the bench. Push-ups are good for upper body region, particularly the neck and shoulder area. Remember to keep your body straight while doing push-ups, as if you were tied to a plank from heels to the head. Only your arms should flex.

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