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Milkshakes Can Be Healthy

Although these desserts are usually considered heavy and full of calories, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Namely, by making several modifications to the milkshakes you make, you may enrich them with healthy ingredients while lowering or ruling out all that makes them unhealthy and rich in calories. Milk will continue to be present providing calcium, excellent for your bones. Moreover, these shakes will be rich in protein as well. Finally, making these with ice will add on to the freshness while reducing the concentration of the milkshake in general.

Healthy Milkshake Recipes

There are numerous ways of making milkshakes. Therefore, choose some of the following you like the most.

Those enjoying banana splits may take the following recipe into consideration. In order to ensure 30 percent of your potassium and calcium requirements, take one banana, peal it and freeze it lightly. After doing that chop it to small chunks and blend it with one cup of milk, half tablespoon of chocolate syrup a bit of ice. Pour it in a glass and enjoy your healthy banana split.

If oranges or vanilla are more to your liking, choose one of the following two recipes. If the combination of the two tastes mentioned above make you hungry and fill your stomach with desire, fill your ice tray with vanilla flavored soy milk and leave it to freeze. Afterwards, put the half of the frozen cubes in the blender and add a bit of orange juice, just enough to cover the cubes. Add some fresh orange slices in as well. Blend it until thick and enjoy the explosion of taste while staying fit. However, if vanilla is your sole preference, add one portion of low-fat vanilla pudding into the blender. Mix it with half a cup of ice cubes and add half a cup of vanilla flavored low-fat milk. Blend it until in your desirable shape and enjoy your tasty creation.

For a protein, vitamin and mineral rich milkshake low in calories, mix one cup of ice cubes, one cup of milk, and some of the healthy breakfast mixes available for purchase. Chose those which are rich in all the nutritive values you need, while low in calories at the same time. Blend the combination until it achieves the desirable form.

Finally, strawberry lovers may enjoy the following. Blend one yogurt, and a cup of strawberries. Add one cup of milk, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of sugar-free strawberry preserves. When the mixture is blended right, add a tiny strawberry onto the top of your serving to make it even more delicious.

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