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Information on Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a specific type of beverage which involvesgreen tea or black tea, enhanced with some milk, sugar, additional flavoringand ice, all mixed together and poured over a cup half filled with tapiocapearls. It is also sometimes referred to as pearl milk tea, boba tea tapiocaball drink, pearl shake, pearl tea and pearl ice tea. Bubble tea originatesfrom Taiwan where it is traditionally used as refreshment for kids or workers.The ball started rolling when one of the tea stall owners started adding fruitflavors to the beverage. The kids liked the new invention very much so thebubble tea became very popular, and all the others in the business had toemulate the strategy. One needs to shake the tea very vigorously in order to blendthe flavors properly. This part of the preparation is what gives the bubble teaits name. As soon as the tapioca pearls got introduced in Taiwan, peoplerealized that they could be an excellent addition to our beloved beverage. Thepearls settle down at the bottom of the cup and then slowly float up. Bubbletea is known as one of the best cooling drinks for those long hot summer days. Itcomes in a variety of different flavors and the most popular ones includelychee, strawberry, mango, watermelon, red bean and green tea, coconut andavocado.

Calories in Bubble Tea

One should always check the amount of calories beforeconsuming bubble tea, because it provides a fairly heavy amount of calorieswhich should not be consumed on a regular basis. A cup of regular bubble teacontains 270 calories, a cup of coconut bubble tea contains 271 calories, a cupof green tea bubble tea contains somewhere around 280 calories, while a cup ofavocado bubble tea may contain up to 342 calories. The tapioca pearls onlyincrease the amount of calories, and to make things worse, those are not thehealthy types of calories. Brewed tea is a very potent antioxidant but due tothe caffeine content some persons may experience slight side effects such asirritability and sleeplessness. Milk can be added, but sugar should be avoidedbecause it carries even more unhealthy calories. Fruit pulp and fruit flavoredsyrups can sometimes be added to the bubble tea, but unfortunately they arehigh in sugar and have no nutritional value at all.

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