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Why is everything that tastes so good, so bad for us. The fact is, it’s not always like that. We all like a scrumptious drink but usually we steer clear because we have heard about the pounds you can easily pile on with those drinks. You can enjoy some beautiful, flavorful drinks that are in fact healthy and good for you.

Healthy Green Tea

Nearly the everyone worldwide has heard of the wonders of a green tea. This miracle tea is full of antioxidants thus being connected to fighting diseases, combating cancer and also battling cardiovascular diseases as well as strokes and many additional infections. Green tea can also be associated with weight loss because it increases a person’s metabolism rate. To make it so much more appetizing it now comes in different flavors such as honey, apricot, coco mint and ginseng. To make your very own green tea you will need one green tea bag, boil the water in your kettle and pour the boiling water over your tea bag, let the water and tea bag stand for a few minutes and then you can even add honey and a lemon wedge and then finally, remove the tea bag and enjoy this delicious drink without any guilt.Healthy Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are really in at the moment. They are absolutely mouth-watering with an array of flavors to choose from. Why have a milkshake when you can have something even better. Try the apricot pineapple smoothie, fist collect all the ingredients such as a quarter cup full of a crushed pineapple, one diced up apricot, six strawberries, half a banana, one cup of a low fat yogurt, one and a half cups of water and about quarter a cup full of crushed up ice. Basically just put all these ingredients into a blender and blend, that’s all you need to do to have a nutrient full, good for you, delicious drink.

Healthy Fruit Sorbets

In the heat of the summer we grew up having ice creams to cool us down. Now why not try something even better and healthier for you. How does a berry sorbet sound. First collect together half a cup of water, one tea spoon of honey, one cup full of crushed ice and half a cup of mixed berries that are frozen. Now just simply put it all in a blender and serve with a mint leaf. That will be nice. Another great sorbet is the cappuccino Ice. Just add half a cup of a coffee flavored yogurt with quarter teaspoon of coffee, crushed ice and water.

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