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Puddings are a wonderful invention but these days there is a catch. We are all confronted with the guilt trip of enjoying a pudding or two. It does not have to be that way anymore, there are many recipes for delicious, healthy puddings.

Rice Pudding with Lemon Sauce

For the lemon sauce you will need half a cup of sugar, an egg that is separated, and the juice from one lemon. For the pudding you will need two eggs that have been separated, one cup of milk, half a cup of sugar, one grated rind from a lemon, and two cups of cooked white rice. Now you can mix with your hands the rice, sugar, milk, the grated lemon rind and the beaten yolks. After that you can also beat the egg whites until they become stiff in their texture in which you can fold the rice mixture. From here you need to grease a casserole dish and pour in the mixture, on top of the mixture you can sprinkle a little of cinnamon for an extra bit of taste. You should bake the mixture for half an hour at around three hundred and fifty degrees. Whilst the mixture is in the oven you should combine the lemon juice, egg and sugar in a pan and bring it to the boil, take it off of the heat and whip the egg whites until they become stiff and then fold them into the lemon sauce. At the end place it back onto the heat for around a minute or so.

Banana Pudding Pie

You will need seven ripened bananas, two cups of milk, fifteen ounces of instant vanilla pudding, eighteen ounces of cream cheese, one tablespoon of banana liquor, fourteen ounces of condensed milk, twelve ounces of cool whip and one graham cracker. Mix together the milk and the pudding mix and in another bowl you can mix the condensed milk and the cream cheese and when it’s smooth add the cool whip. Mix the two mixtures together and add the liquor. Now you can put the sliced bananas at the bottom of the pie and put the mixture over the top, all you need to do now is put it in the fridge.

Other Puddings

There are many puddings that are healthy for you that you can try. If you have a favorite pudding and would like to make it a little healthier then try swapping out some of the ingredients for example swap the white sugar for brown, swap the white flour for the whole grain one and so on.

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