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In order to maintain your weight and yet not feeling bad for eating desserts you should consume only those with low calorie amount. Desserts with the plenty white sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat are harmful to your organism and health. You can indulge yourself with healthy, low fat desserts if you follow several advices. Always use fresh fruits since they are full of fibers and vitamins. Sucralose is better choice than white sugar. Also honey should be used whenever it’s possible as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Instead of using white flour choose whole grain flour because it has bigger nutritional value.


In order to make a healthy cheesecake you need:

4 wheat graham crackers4 tbsp of part-skim ricotta cheese8 tbsp of jam

On each cracker put 1 tbsp of ricotta cheese and 2 tbsp of jam. You can use any jam you like.

Nutritional value: fat - 6g; protein – 7g; carbohydrate – 42g; fiber – 2g; cholesterol – 10mg; sodium – 259mg; potassium – 39mg. Calories – 239.

Yogurt ice cream with almonds is made with:

2 cups of fat free yogurt1/3 cup of honey1 cup of cold low fat vanilla soy milk¼ cup of chopped almonds1 tbsp of canola oil

Whisk soy milk, honey, yogurt and canola oil in a bowl. In an ice cream maker prepare the ice cream from this mixture. Pour the ice cream in cooled bowl and spread almonds on top. Store it in freezer. Choose the yogurt without additives.

Nutritional value: total fat -5g; protein – 7g; carbohydrates – 26g; fiber – 1g; sodium – 75mg; potassium – 286mg; calcium- 227mg. Calories – 173.

Make crispy apple with walnuts using:

6 cups of apples2/3 cup of unbleached flour½ cup of brown sugar3 tbsp of chopped walnuts1tsp of nutmeg2 tsp of cinnamon4 tbsp of light margarine

Turn the oven on 375 degrees. Blend nutmeg, flour, cinnamon and brown sugar. In a blender mash the margarine, put walnuts and stir. Spread the mixture over apples and put them in 8” square pan covered with flour and cooking spray. Bake the apples for half an hour until covering gets crispy.

Nutritional value: fat- 4g; protein – 1g; carbohydrate – 27g; fiber – 2g; cholesterol – 0mg; sodium – 35mg. Calories – 141.

Pineapple delight:

1 pineapple1tbsp of dark rum1 tbsp of lime zest


1 tbsp of olive oil1 tbsp of lime juice2 tbsp of honey¼ tsp of cloves1 tsp of cinnamon

Coat a pan with cooking spray. Prepare the marinade in a mixing bowl using olive oil, lime juice, honey, cinnamon and cloves. Put it aside. Peel the pineapple and chop off its top and the bottom. Cut it in four equal lengthwise pieces and then each piece into three pieces. Thread the pieces into the skewer, spread the marinade over and grill the pineapple until it gets light brown color. At the end sprinkle the rum and the lime zest on grilled pineapple and serve warm.

Nutritional value: total fat – 2g; protein – 1g; carbohydrate – 15g; cholesterol – 0mg; fiber – 1g; sodium – 1mg. Calories- 79.

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