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Oh, those desserts! Whocan resist them and yet have no guilty conscience when taking a glimpse attheir belly and the some extras around the waist. Though this is mostly the casewith many desserts, there is still much more which offers you the same savoryand richness of taste, only without giving you the headache because of theextra pounds they might stack upon your body. This especially comes hard forthose who pay particular attention to the healthy level of their diets. What isthe upside of all this talk is that even for those people there is a solution,and it is in the form of healthy dessert options and alternatives whichare quick-to-prepare and which await to be picked up and tasted.

Healthy desserts, herewe come!

Fresh fruits mixture. All you need to do is slice them into smaller pieces, put them in a ball or in a blender and mix them with yoghurt (low in fat of course) and whipped cream topping (also low fat and low cal), season with cinnamon and bon appetite.Apple/peach treat. Choose one of the two, cut it in half, then cover it with some canola oil spray, sprinkle with sugar and grill for some time, until it softens and starts giving out pleasant odors. Once done, flavor it with some sugar-low/free syrupTime for some ice cream. Take one or two medium scoops of vanilla ice-cream (low fat of course) and put it in a bowl or in a bigger cup. Next step is to flavor it with some sugar free coffee syrups - caramel, almond, raspberry, and to finish it off in style, by sprinkling all over with nuts or alike.Sorbet from heaven. What you need is two cups filled with strawberries, and also two more filled with blueberries. Next step is to put these, together with a half of a cup of water, inside your blender with some sugar, and to finish it off add just a pinch of salt. Blend until you get a puree like mass, which is to be left then in the freezer for two hours and afterwards it is all yours to indulge intoA dip you will adore. Prepare a mixture of low/fat-free vanilla yoghurt and some peanut butter, together with brown sugar. You need to mix this very well until it becomes pudding like, and then serve it on top of slices of fresh fruit as a dip/creamy add on.

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