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There are many new cereals available on the market. All ofthem are rich in fibers and contain less than 28% of sugar. Pick yours from thelist; add some fat free milk and nuts and/or fruits and you are ready to eat.

Be careful if you are on a sodium restricted diet – some ofthese cereals won’t be the best choice for you, especially those with more than100mg of sodium per serving.

Frosted Mini-WheatCinnamon Streusel

Those are crunchy mini biscuits with cinnamon flavor. A packof 24 biscuits has 180 calories. They don’t contain sodium and 27% of caloriesare from sugar added to them.

Fiber One CaramelDelight

These are rich in fibers and crunchy. The best of all isthey contain less sugar then many others, just 22%. Downside is – 260 mg ofsodium.

Raisin Bran Extra

This is a popular cereal, containing raisins, drycranberries and almonds. One cup of these cereals has 190 calories and 350mg ofsodium.

Kashi Summer BerryGranola

It is high in flavor (of strawberries, blackberries andkiwi) and low in sugar. Half of a cup contains 220 calories, and 150mg ofsodium.

Kashi Go Lean Crisp!Toasted Berry Crumble

The cereal contains blueberries and cranberries and goesgreat with yogurt or milk. It has higher amount of proteins and fewercarbohydrates than many other cereals. ¾ of a cup has 190 calories and 130mg ofsodium.

Kashi Go Lean Honey& Cinnamon Instant Hot Cereal

This cereal is really low in sugar (19%), but with taste andtexture. Add some fruit to it and enjoy. It has 150 calories in a packet and100 mg of sodium.

Shredded WheatVanilla Almond

Cereal is rich in minerals and vitamins (zinc, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12), and withvanilla flavor. 1 cup has 190 calories, and 45mg of sodium.

Banana Nut Bear Naked100% Pure & Natural Cereal

Just right for banana lovers, made of banana chips. Perhaps abit high in saturated fat, but it is ok if used with fat-free milk. ¾ of a cup,a serving size, contains 210mg of sodium and 220 calories.

At Trader Joe’s and other alternative markets you might findsome unusual cereals:

Cinnamon Puffins

Cereals are made of corn meal and bran and of oat flour,they don’t contain any wheat. Another unusual detail is the sweetener – here,it it unsulphured (un-processed) molasses.

2/3 of a cup has just 100 calories, but 150 mg of sodium.

Heart Healthy WholeGrain Cranberry Instant Oatmeal

Quite an unusual cereal; contains dried cranberries, groundflaxseeds and plant sterol esters and inulin. A packet has 90 mg of sodium and 150calories.

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