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Nowadays people tend to get health oriented much more thanthey were in the past. Unfortunately there are still those who consume enormousamounts of coffee, chocolate shakes and other sorts of beverages which do notcontain any precious nutrients and are jam packed with calories. Those whostill do want to care about their health may opt for numerous other, verybeneficial types of beverages.

Green Tea

The entire planet keeps buzzing about the numerous healthbenefits of green tea. Some even go to such lengths to call it a miracle. It isa very powerful antioxidant and it can be used for the prevention and treatmentof numerous different types of medical conditions and ailments. It has beenused in the traditional Chinese medicine for numerous centuries. Green tea isvery efficient in preventing cancer, aiding the weight loss, preventingcardiovascular diseases, increasing the metabolism rate, preventing thestrokes, fighting dental cavities and preventing various different types ofinfections. It may be purchased in a decaffeinated form and it may also come inthe flavored form, mixed with ginseng, mint, coconut, apricot and honey. Onesimply needs to place a tea bag in a cup, pour some boiled water in it, let itstand for 3 minutes, remove the bag and consume the tea. Honey and lemon may beadded to enhance the flavor.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies can be used as an excellent alternative tomilkshakes, because they are very delicious and are jam packed with essentialnutrients. One may take one 1 diced apricot, a quarter of a cup of crushed pineapple,half a banana, 6 strawberries, one and a half cup of water, a quarter of a cupof crushed ice and a cup of low fat yogurt and mix them in a blender in orderto make apricot pinapple smoothies. Banana-berry smoothie involves the sameprocess but the ingredients include half a cored pear, quarter of a cup offrozen mixed berries, an eighth of a teaspoon of cinnamon, one and a quartercup of water, quarter of a cup of crushed ice and a cup of low fat yogurt.

Fruit Sorbets

Sorbets can be used as an alternative for fizzy drinks andice creams. Berry sorbet requires a cup of crushed ice, half a cup of water a teaspoonof honey, and they all need to be mixed in a blender. Lemon-lime sorbetrequires a quarter of a cup lime juice, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, a cup ofwater, a cup of sparkling water, a cup of crushed ice and a teaspoon of honey.Cappuccino ice sorbet involves the use of half a cup of coffee flavored yogurt,quarter of a teaspoon of instant coffee, a cup of crushed ice and a quarter ofa cup of water.

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